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Attack Strategies

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Attack Strategies Empty Attack Strategies

Post by Zenobia [Stacy] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:20 pm

Just some really, really basic attack tips for now:

BEFORE you begin the attack, plan your strategy out:
  • Look over the WHOLE base. Do you see free (unguarded) mana? TAKE it! Before your troops enter harms way, get your ancient the mana to help them. If you have a dragon, and there are portals in opposite corners, cha=ching! You can get all that mana AND sweep damage to the base before you even drop a troop.
  • No free mana? Then hold your dragon back. Sometimes your troops all die clearing out all the defenses. And your dragon, too, if you dropped hi early. But if you have held back your dragon (or a ranged troop), drop her/him to take down the now-endefended SH!
  • What types of spell towers do you see? Are they high-level ancients? On a conduit? Some ancients have 5-mana spells that make your troops immune to certain spell towers. If you see 3 flash freeze towers, always use Foreveil. If there are cursed touch towers, or the 1-2 punch of cursed touch next to flame bolt, your paladins will be useless to keep your troops alive in that area so you need an ancient that can do so instead (like Xolonia). When you get high enough level that you start encountering solks who are in the arena, you may start to see dark green spell towers. These are insanity towers and they make your troops attack each other instead f the base! Be very, very careful if you see that. The best defense against insanity towers right now is Jal if you have him.
more to come
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